Commonly Asked Questions:

...About WBE, MBE, DBE, SDB or 8a Certification use, application process and requirements

Q:Will a WBE, MBE, DBE, 8a or SBD certification really help my company obtain new business?
A:YES. YES. YES. However, it is how your company utilizes its certification that will be of direct value to your organizations revenue growth; and this is where MWBE Enterprise is of primary value to its clients. What a Women-Owned or Minority-Owned Business Certification provides is purchasing opportunities to companies and corporations that would otherwise not be available or unknown to your business. Once certified, MWBE Enterprises is able to successfully assist your company in entering the purchasing world of Corporate Supplier Diversity and Government Procurement.
Q:Do I have to be legally incorporated to obtain a WBE, MBE, DBE, SDB or 8a Certification?
A:Some certifications do accept sole proprietorships others do not. MWBE can assist your future company with incorporation. In fact, we believe we should. MWBE will organize every aspect of your new business to meet the requirements of certification.
Q:Does my company have to be legally incorporated in the USA to qualify for certification?
A:If a foreign company has legally obtained the right to provide goods or services inside the U.S. and is required to file annually with Internal Revenue Service, it may qualify for certification. In this instance, the only way to accurately assess your company’s eligibility would be to utilize our professional services. Please call our toll free number at (800) 933-9664 ext. 111 to schedule an Eligibility Analysis.
Q:Do the owners or shareholders have to be U.S. citizens?
A:Some Women-Owned and Minority-Owned Business certifications require proof of U.S. Citizenship either through birth, marriage or naturalization. Other certifications require a current, legal residency status; however a working permit is never permissible. In instances where an owner or shareholder is not a U.S. Citizen, we strongly encourage you to consider scheduling an Eligibility Analysis. Please contact our office at (800) 933-9664 and dial extension 111.
Q:Can Owners or Shareholders be the Owners or Shareholders of another company that either are not certified or do not qualify for certification.
A:The answer is yes; albeit with a large disclaimer. When a majority stockholder is the owner and/or a majority owner of another company, it immediately increase the complexity of an application; though it does not necessarily disqualify a companies eligibility for Women-Owned or Minority-Owned Business Certification. In instances where one or more owners own significant stock or ownership in another company, we strongly encourage you to consider scheduling an Eligibility Analysis. Please contact our office at (800) 933-9664 and dial extension 111.
Q:Is it true that how a company initially capitalizes or funds itself affects its overall ability to certified as Women-Owned or Minority-Owned company? And in some instance permanently?
A:ABSOLUTELY... many companies, unaware of certification policies, disqualify themselves from certification permanently as they begin to fund, make capitol expenditures and/or acquire assets for their new business.
Q:Will I have to provide personal financial information to become certified?
A:YES. The certification process also involves disclosing personal financial information? All owners, officers and managers will be required to submit three (3) previous years of W-2’s. DBE, 8(a) and SBE certifications require three (3) years of personal tax returns. If you are reluctant to turn over this confidential information to an employee MWBE Enterprises might be the right choice for your organization. Our job is to remove this process off your desk, on to ours and maintain your privacy at every level.
Q:Does a company have to be in business for two (2) years to be eligible for certification?
A:Some certifications require a two year history other’s do not. For the certifications that do have this requirement, often a two year business waiver can be obtained.

Questions... about MWBE Enterprises services and fees...

Q:Does MWBE Enterprises charge a fee for its services?
A:YES, MWBE Enterprises is a for-profit professional, consulting firm. Our fees can range from $2,500 in excess of $50,000 depending upon the scope of work a company may require. Due to the variety and multitude of available Women-Owned and Minority-Owned Business certifications, our fee structure is based on the type of certification chosen. Some certifications are significantly more complicated to apply for in comparison to their counterparts. Additionally, company’s which have more than one owner or shareholder increases the level of complexity of any application. Finally, a company may choose to retain us for sales and marketing which, of course, positively affects our fee structure.
Q:What if I want MWBE Enterprises to just review my application?
A:In instances where a company or individuals are interested in compiling their own applications, but would like a professional review prior to submission, MWBE Enterprises can provide this service at a negotiated hourly rate.

Questions... about the Eligibility Analysis service and its related fees...

Q:Is there a charge for the Eligibility Analysis?
A:YES. There is a minimum USD $200 fee for this professional, consultative service. For the Eligibility Analysis to be accurate and successful, we must have access to individual owner(s) and/or trusted personnel who have in-depth, accurate and confidential information on the following areas related to the company’s structure: a) original, subsequent and current ownership information; b) original, subsequent and current funding sources and finances affecting the inception and current operation of the company; c) original and current board of directors including background history such as professional experience, current income sources and ownership in any other entities; d) information of major shareholders as identified in item "c" above.

Please Note: Company’s that retain MWBE Enterprise services may apply and subtract the original Eligibility Analysis fee to a future invoice.
Q:What is an Eligibility Analysis? What does it provide? What can I expect to learn?
A:MWBE Enterprises provides an in-depth review of your company’s eligibility to determine the following: a) does your organization qualify for certification; b) if so, what certification(s) will benefit your company and why; c) if your company does not qualify for certification, MWBE will specifically identify areas which would disallow your company from successfully obtaining a WBE, MBE, DBE, SDB or 8a certification. MWBE Enterprises, when appropriate, will provide proactive, concrete and strategic solutions that will allow your company to become eligible and qualify for Women-Owned and Minority Owned Business Certification.
Q:How do I schedule and how long does the Eligibility Analysis take?
A:To schedule an Eligibility Analysis, please contact us toll-free at (800) 933-9664, extension 111. Individuals who will be participating in the Eligibility Analysis should plan on blocking out 45 to 90 minutes in their schedule. However, upon confirmation and prior to your Eligibility Analysis appointment, a consultant will approximate the duration of your session.

For those individuals who wish to apply for certification with out professional assistance, we also offer an “Insider How-To Guide to Women and Minority Owned Business Certification” which is available for purchase. If you would like to order this guide online, please click here.

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